Dogwood Hill Farm

Dogwood Hill Farm

Dogwood Hill Farm, LLC was established in 2004. The beautiful 110 acre hillside was purchased from Judith Johnston who along with her husband Bill operated a tree farm. Jim and Cheryl Fanning purchased the farm from Judy and wanted to name the farm in such a way as to keep the memory of the tree farm but also have its’ own identity. In June of 2012 Dogwood Hill Farm, LLC reduced its' acreage to 68 acres. This was to enable Jim and Cheryl to accomplish their goals with a lesser amount of maintenance and focus more on animal care.

Many trees remain from the original tree farm and one of those trees inspired the name. That lone pink dogwood remained for several years until it had to be removed for expansion of the farm office. New dogwoods are being planted to keep this memory alive.

Jim and Cheryl have worked tirelessly, and continue working to bring the farm to a productive sustaining agriculture unit. Always keeping in mind the needs of the wildlife that exist here, they are practicing good stewardship to insure that rabbits, quail, deer, turkey , ducks and other wildlife co-exist with the domesticated animals that have been introduced to the farm.

In addition to repairing the existing ponds, two new ponds have been added to encourage the migratory water fowl to visit.

Dogwood Hill Farm, Lamar, MO - Two new ponds

Grasses beneficial to quail have been encouraged and this will be an ongoing process. Chemicals have been kept to a minimum and animals that require minimum vaccinations have been chosen to graze and forage the acres.

Ossabaw Island Hogs were purchased from a farm at Osceola Missouri. They came from Wisconsin via a Living History Farm in Iowa. They are pure bred and we have kept the breed intact. We sell processed pork products and breeding pairs. We have registrations on our hogs and have been included in a SARE DNA project through the University of Missouri, Columbia. We purchased these pigs to provide us with an excellent tasting pork and to sell any extra we have to others wanting to experience the taste of real pork.


Several acres of the farm are not suited to horses and South African Boer Goats were introduced to these pastures. The goats are raised to sell for their excellent meat value. Goat meat is low in fat and highly nutritious.

South African Boer Goats

The newest addition to the farm has been the purchase of a small select group of registered Texas Longhorn cattle. They are hardy, need very little vet care and their meat is lower in fat than regular beef cattle.

registered Texas Longhorn cattle

There are always goats, horses and cattle for purchase at Dogwood Hill Farm. For someone interested in purchasing a small quantity or even a whole goat or beef, we will make accommodations for your specific needs. Delivery to a processing plant is available or buy directly from the farm.

Chickens run freely in the barnyard and help control flies and bugs and provide us with farm fresh eggs. They are fed feed containing no antibiotics and cracked corn. We sell eggs from the farm and deliver the extra eggs to the local food pantry.

free range chicken

We have pasture raised, antibiotic free chickens for frying and baking and will offer these again each spring or early summer.

Not everyone or everything at Dogwood Hill Farm has a job or is for sale. George and Martha are the resident tame ducks and pretty much rule the pond area.


Dogwood Hill Farm, LLC always takes care of its' livestock in the most practical way. We pasture all of our animals and supplement their diet with natural grains, hay and minerals when necessary.

Jim and Cheryl Fanning